How to Make Money Online in Ghana 2019 Detailed Guide

Is Making Money Online Real?

The answer is simply yes. Making money online in Ghana is very real. I personally utilize the following methods listed in this blog post to make money online. Don’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of making money online, you are not alone most people do not even know it’s possible.

Can I earn a passive income from making money online?

First of all, what is passive income? Most people believe that passive income is money that falls from the skies or literally gotten from doing nothing. This is very wrong passive income is money gotten from putting something upfront be it time or money and getting results(more money) after a period of time. There is nothing like getting rich easily by making money online. But the truth is you can earn enough money to feed yourself and your family if you take this seriously. There are numerous opportunities online, and if you are willing to invest time and effort you can earn passive income online.

How long will it take me to make money online?

It varies from individuals. I started my journey in making money online way back in junior high school. But got results after complete mg senior high school. That is not to discourage you, what I am trying to say is that I didn’t get the help you are getting now from this blog post. If I had had a coach to guide me through the journey then it wouldn’t have taken that long. I know lots of friends who began earning immediately after day one of trying the following methods am about to teach you. In summary, I will say it usually takes about a month on average for the methods listed below.

How exactly do I make money online?

1. Start a blog

Yes, start a blog. This is my favorite method among the various ways to make money online. Guys do take note, there are over 30 ways to make money online but not all of them is favorable in Ghana. For instance online surveys, online surveys are an amazing way to make money online but most of the top online survey websites like opinion output and surveryeah only accept users from the United States. If you are a Ghanaian and you want to take part you have to get a VPN or proxy to change your location.

In most cases after accumulating the minimum withdrawal amount, your account is blocked and you never get your money. That is why we recommend blogging, Blogging is totally safe and very compatible with Ghana. You can get a cheap domain name and hosting and start your first blog. After growing the right audience you can sign up for an advertising agency to get paid. THAT SIMPLE!

2. Start a YouTube Chanel

YouTube is my second favorite method to make money online in Ghana. Ask yourself the producers of YOLO and all the music videos on YouTube how do they afford to make such videos. The answer is simple .they are actually paid to do so. You also can be paid to make videos on YouTube. It simple get a camera and start creating something awesome. Grow a fan base and signup with google AdSense to get paid. YouTube usually take more time in comparison with blogging which can be done within a month.

3. Start a private telegram Channel

Most people do not know of this method but I think is one of the methods which deserves to be on our list. I guess you are wondering how. It is really simple and straight forward. Have you ever heard of a privet telegram channel?  Private telegram channels are channels which one can only join when the channel admin says so. So why create a private telegram channel? I have a friend who has a private telegram channel about the latest movies. He charges 50 cedis to be added to the group and enjoy the movies he releases in the group. So get creative and provide a meaningful service in your channel. Then start asking friends to pay to join the channel. You can also find lots of puerile to join using social media especially Facebook groups.

4. Sell your used products online

The last but not the least method is selling products online. You do not need to be the next Amazon to do this. Look round your house and find an old product you are not using. Take some cute photos of it and add a little editing. Get onto popular sites like Olx (now Jiji) and Tonaton and list your product for sale. You will be surprised by the number of people looking for that product to buy. I buy almost everything apart from groceries from Olx (now known as Jiji).  Who knows you might be the next person I will buying from online.

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Final Words

If you have reached this part then I am sure you have chosen one the above methods or have a question you would like to ask me. Please kindly do so in the comment section below. And like every good venture it takes time and effort. Please do not be discouraged if initially, things aren’t working well for you. Trust me we have all been there. Sometimes it feels like what you are doing is impossible or taking too long to achieve. Have patience and don’t forget to always contact us for any help. We will be very happy if you also start earning online. Thanks for reading and have a nice day or evening.