5 Places to Find Free Background Images For Your Blog Posts

Today we shall be sharing with you five ways to find backgrounds images for your blog posts or video editing purposes. A really cool background can make a lot of impact on your audience’s opinion. For instance, many individuals will click your blogpost depending on the beauty of your background image. We have gathered five websites where you can find cool background images to add that impact to your blog posts. So let us get into the article.


This our favorite website to get free background images for your blog posts. You can find various images over here. Some of the popular categories are technology, business, finance, and lifestyle. The images here are of high resolution. What is even amazing is you do not have to create an account to be able to download these images. Be sure to check out these images to find the one that best suits your needs. You are also expected to credit the authors of these images but is usually not compulsory to do so. Doing so just show you appreciate the authors work.


The second website to find awesome background images for your blog post is pixels website. This place has got a ton of cool background images for your blog post and YouTube thumbnail as well. You also do not need to sign up to download images from Pexels. They also expect you to credit authors for their amazing works but it is also not compulsory to so. Sometimes users are supposed to pass a reCAPTCHA test to prove that they are human. That should be no hassle if you have a good internet connection.


Pixabay is our fourth favorite website to find cool background images for editing. Also, Pixabay has got a lot of images related to technology, lifestyle, business and cooking. The download process is also straightforward and not tedious. The images here are of high quality and will fit perfectly for all your editing needs. You are also required to credit authors for their good work, but as I said already it is not compulsory to do so.


Freepik comes on fourth with their amazing platform. They have a lot of resourceful images for all your needs as well. What we like about Freepik is their advanced search box. They have sorted the images very well, hence looking for that specific image is very easy. They also have premium images so be sure to check that out before clicking that download now icon. The only downside of Freepik is you are required to sign up to be able to download the images. This can be done with Facebook or a Google account.

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Most of you mish already know Canva as an online photo editing website, it is true but they also offer a ton of other great features. Canva has its own photo stock library containing both free and premium images. You have to signup first to be able to access all the images available here, be it free or paid.

Final Words

Finding a great background image is very important in publishing a blog post or YouTube video. We hope with our list here you are able to find that image you were looking. Be sure to leave a comment below and let us get in touch. Have a nice day friend.