5 Things You Didn’t Know About Age of Empires 3

Why You should be playing Age of Empires Game?

Today we decided to do something different. We are going to share with you 5 things you probably didn’t know about Age of Empires Three game. Age of empires is a strategy game launched way back in the 1990s and has since been the most played strategy game ever. Forget about Grand Theft, Call of Duty and PUBG. Trust me when I tell you they are no match for Age of Empires. Bring your PUBG warrior and I will make him look like a toddler in Age of Empires. Bring your Assassins Creed best player and he will regret ever meeting me. In summary, I will say Age of Empires is a must-play game for everyone.

How does Age of Empires 3 work?

Basically you are given a building called a town center in the start. You are supposed to grow your colony to the fullest and attack other kingdoms to conquer them. The more kingdoms you conquer the more powerful your empire becomes. Of course, your opponent is expected to do the same. Which brings me to the strategy part, you are expected to outsmart your opponent if you are to conquer them. Know which resources are vital, and when and how to utilize them effectively.

How to play Age of Empire 3.

You create villagers from the town center who work to make the empire develop. The villages are responsible for building houses, farms, silos, walls and basically anything a kingdom has. You need to hunt for food to be able to provide food to feed the villagers and other personnel in the colony. Treasures are also one of the must have things for your empire but it is relatively not important when you are just getting started. After your colony has developed a little you have the option to build war huts, Calvary and siege workshops to get military power to attack others and search for treasures. By default, the areas around you won’t be visible unless your explorer explores those areas. So be sure to do so.

The five things you didn’t know about the game.

So here are the five things I found definitely buzzing about Age of Empires 3. If you are already got the grips of how Age of Empire is played then let’s get into the list.

It is virtually impossible to play the hard mode.

I have tried many times and have failed almost every time. That is to say that there is no legitimate method to overcome the computer hard mode. Your opponents could virtually develop ten times faster than yours. By the time you manage to get a cavalry, your opponent would have already gotten a cannon.  

Building Walls is practically useless.

The first time I played the game the first thing I did was to build a wall around the town center. Of course, that was the most stupid decision ever. Building a wall has no significant impact on your enemy’s troop’s attacks. Building a wall only buys you some time, I mean a few seconds to withstand the attack. So be sure to think twice about wasting your precious time building that wall. Make use of your time somewhere else.

Food is key in the discovery age but too much of it is suicide.

You have probably heard otherwise that food is very important in the discovery age, yes it’s true and partly false. I manage to secure a lot of food in the discovery age. I got attacked only to realize that creating troops and armies takes time and no matter how many food reserves you have it won’t fast forward the process. By the time that five or ten troops have arrived your town center would have been burnt already.

Attacking with a small army is another form of suicide.

Conquering empires is one of the most definite causes in the game. No matter how small a person’s colony is attacking the person’s colony with a small army is useless. Take note that the town center can withstand heavy attack for a long time. And by the time you finish burning the town center, your troops would have been attacked by the villagers already.

Leaving your explorer idle is a huge waste of resources.

By default, you should allow your explorer to roam as much as possible to discover new places and items. Now, what if your explorer manages to explore every place within a very short time. Most people would just order the explorer to fall back to the town center. But that is one wrong move which must be avoided. Even if your explorer is done exploring the whole map, let him hunt for treasures individually or for something useful. Otherwise, his existence in the colony is useless.

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Final Words

Honesty Age of Empires is my favorite game of all time, so am sorry if I sounded a little biased. If you liked the above tips I just shared with you then be sure to leave a comment below. Also, share with us some of your experience with Age of Empires 3. Who knows we might learn a thing or two. Have a nice day friend.