There is An Inbuilt Android Game on Your Phone

hello, folks, this is a very quick oneE.i just stumbled uppon this amazing android game on my phone that every android device has got this inbuilt game also. Today we shall help you how to unlock yours. so let’s get into it. This is a very straight forward process.

Open your device settings menu

Head over to About Phone.

Locate the Android version in the new window.

Tap on it for about three times till you finally spot the game.

That is s that simple. Depending on your android device your game might be different. This game is available on phones with android version of 4.4 and above. Mine is a complex game which is very difficult to play. But am still trying my luck to see.

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Final Words

We all love video games. At least I do. Do you also love video games? Let us know in the comment section below. What kind of games did you stumble uppon? Would you mind sharing it with us also? I am looking forward to meeting you again in my next post. Have a nice day friend.