How to Remove Shortcut Virus From Your Pendrive Detailed Guide 2019

What is the Shortcut Virus?

The Shortcut Virus is one of the primitive viruses ever invented. It hides the victim’s data especially folders in a shortcut folder. This makes the victim unable to access the actual files on folders on another computer and sometimes even the same computer which is affected. The virus is not actually a virus, it is actually a VBS script which has been coded with autorun feature. Which means it automatically becomes active when the Pendrive is inserted into any pc. It changes the file attributes of the folder, thereby corrupting the folder.

How does one acquire the Virus?

The shortcut virus is mainly spread through sharing files and folder with users already affected by the virus. Most often people copy files and folders from these victims without knowing. The virus is also sometimes gotten when one downloads files from cracked websites and unscrupulous sources.

Can you delete the Virus permanently?

The shortcut virus can definitely be removed permanently from the victim’s Pendrive and computer also. Interestingly formatting has no effect on the Shortcut virus. Which means one cannot remove the virus by formatting the Pendrive.

How do I delete the Shortcut Virus?

There are two main ways to remove the Shortcut virus from your Pendrive or laptop. Today we take you through each of these methods. The first being straight forward and the other a little curvy but simple. One should take note the following procedure is for users using a Windows PC. Without talking much let get into the procedure.

Method 1.  Using the built-in Command Prompt in windows

Insert your Pendrive into the windows machine. This computer must not be infected with the shortcut virus.

Press and hold the Windows Key and R to bring up the Run dialogue box.

Type cmd to open the Command Prompt Window.

Open My Computer and take note of your Pendrive drive letter.

Head back to cmd and copy and paste the following code


Replace G with the drive letter of your Pendrive and press enter.

Next, paste the following code

Attrib –s –r –h *.* /s /d /l

Hit enter and wait for the data in the shortcut folder to be extracted.

Head back to my computer and open your Pendrive. Viola! Your files have been unlocked. You can now safely delete the shortcut virus.

This is what the following commands do:

ATTRIB = It represents the attributes of drive.

-H = It shows all your hidden files in your USB drive.

-R = It recreates the files on your storage device.

-S = It broke all link of files from the system.

Method 2. Removing the Virus using a Batch File

You do not need to be a programming whiz to be able to code in the batch language. Batch language is windows built-in language for executing scripts.  This is just a copy and paste procedure, no expertise needed here. Let’s get into it.

Open your Notepad from your computer or laptop.

Copy below code and paste it on your notepad.

@echo off

attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d G:*.*

@echo complete

Replace G with the drive letter of your Pendrive

Now save the file with any name you like. But take note to remember to end with .bat. This will make it a batch file and windows will be able to execute the code in the file. After saving it open the file and see all your shortcut virus removed. Simply Right.

How do I protect myself from the shortcut Virus?

One can easily protect himself from the shortcut virus. The first way is to stay away from harmful download websites. You should avoid copying stuff from friends and family who’s PC has been infected with the virus. If the above methods seem hard for you then kindly download this program called USBFix or any good antivirus program to protect your computer from the virus.

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Final Words

Virtues are a headache to everyone even me. Staying away is the ultimate method to protect ourselves. If you like the post please share with your friends because someone might badly need this guide. If you got confused or you are encountering any problem leave a comment below and we will gladly assist you.