How to Set Up Your Microphone on a Windows Pc For The First Time

Have you bought a new microphone? Are you wondering how to set up your microphone for the first time on a windows PC? Today I am, going to show how to set up your microphone for the first time on your Windows PC. This tutorial will work for kinds of microphones. Most microphones come in the form of USB or audio jacks. In this guide, I am using a Lav Microphone.

Test if your microphone is working

You cannot begin setting up a microphone that is not working. To check if your microphone is working just plug it into your smartphone and try to record something. If you do just fine then proceed to the next step. However, If you try but still unable to record anything with your smartphone I would suggest trying with a different smartphone. If not get a new microphone instead.

Open sounds control

Plug in your microphone. The next thing is to head over to your windows Pc and open the sounds control. This can be found in the control panel. Else check the bottom right corner of your pc to spot that speaker icon. This is icon is very easy to find on a windows seven PC. Once you spot the speaker icon right-click on it and select Sounds from the pop-up menu.

Open microphone properties

To do this select the recording devices tab from the menu. You should see the various microphones plugged in your pc listed here. Look for the microphone with the green checkmark icon. If you do not see your microphone plug it out and plug it back in again. Right-click on the microphone with the green checkmark and select properties.

Configure your microphone

To configure your microphone head over to levels. Make sure your microphone is on a pretty high level. I would recommend eighty or above. In the microphone boost section set it to +10 dB. Let me explain to you what these two functions do. Microphone levels basically allow you to control the level of your microphone. The higher the value the louder your recorded audio becomes. Microphone boost basically allows you to increase the sensitivity of your microphone. The higher the value the more sensitive your microphone becomes. Click on Apply to save these settings.

Make sure your microphone is not turned off

This is the last step after doing the above settings all that is left to do is make sure your microphone is turned on. To check if your microphone is turned look for that green speaker icon beside the levels. If the icon is colorless click on it to turn on your microphone. If it is already blue by default then do not do any else.

Start recording some audio

Once you are done setting up your microphone all that is left to do is test your microphone. Just open windows built-in sound recorder and start recording some audio. If you are unable to record anything restart your computer to apply these setting. Tweak around with the setting to find the perfect setting which works well with your microphone.

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Final Words

This guide applies to users of windows seven but does also work for all other versions of windows. Did you encounter any problem setting up your microphone? Comment below and we will be glad to help you fix it. Do not forget to check out our other how-to guides. Have a nice day friend.